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Nursing tops that can make you look (and feel) fabulous

There are a lot of DO‘s and DON’Ts during pregnancy (DON’T eat Sushi, DO Drink plenty of water, DON’T (avoid) drink alcohol, DO get plenty of rest, you know what I am talking about).

Well, then you give birth and FINALLY you are able to do (almost) everything again. BUT (and there is a big BUT) you are not completely set free, there is a little someone who every once in a while (2 hours at best) requests you strip down and feed him. Exposing your tummy or boobs is not exactly your favorite part of the routine.

Maternity nursing tops – how can they help?

–       Find a flattering breastfeeding top that has the easiest opening access – I find that the best nursing tops are the ones that open beneath the breast-line as most breastfeeding bras open from top to bottom and work best with this opening.

–       Winter or summer, I am always in favor of a good nursing tank top. It can be dressed up or dressed down, wear them in hot weather or layer in winter. Post-pregnancy, especially the first few weeks, are in the baby’s warm environment (not to mention the hormones, oh dear, the hormones… I am sweating just from thinking about it).

–       I always say that being pregnant / a breastfeeding mother is a temporary state (no matter how long you wish to nurse your baby). Buy clothes that can serve you well and be a good return of investment: maternity nursing tops can be worn all through pregnancy and while nursing (and until you get your body back!).

–       There are fashionable nursing tops out there that will make you look (and feel) fabulous! Start with one or two and see if this is something that simplifies your routine (EXACTLY what you need right now)..

No more DO’s and DON’Ts: right now, anything that makes you feel good is probably definitely a DO.. so head on and google best nursing tops / nursing tank tops or maternity nursing tops – there are plenty to choose from!

♥Happy shopping!♥


Hard to find cute nursing dresses? – Problem solved!

The Problem – Wearing Dresses while Nursing.

Ask any mother – finding cute maternity wear is hard as it is. Finding cute nursing clothes is an even bigger challenge.
Challenging of all:  finding a practical, black nursing dress!

You would never really give it a thought until you are actually faced with such a situation:
You are strolling around the mall, dressed nicely, with your baby whom suddenly decided to demand his third breakfast today.
Now you have two options: lift your dress and show the world your undies OR squeeze your boob out of the top of the dress.

Well, which one will it be?

Before you were a mother, you loved throwing on a dress and flip flops and head out.
Now that heading out with a baby has become cumbersome, wearing a dress while nursing is an unrealistic dream – until now!

The Solution – Nursing dresses by Peek-a-boo.

As the designer behind Peek-a-boo’s Nursing and Maternity styles, I love seeing women’s reaction realizing the greatness behind our clothes.
The hidden slit allows you to nurse anywhere without giving up on style or your self-respect.

My word of advice for someone who is looking for a dress that will be as useful as possible – try one of our maternity & nursing dresses.
Peek-a-boo’s whole collection is 2-in-1 and can be used both when pregnant and while nursing.

Go for a black dress – they are easy to dress up and be used for special occasions (be prepared to be the belle of the ball) or just throw on for everyday use.
Black is a great color to start with, classic and stylish.

Feel free to checkout our – nursing dresses collection

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Maternity Nursing Tops and Dresses – Measurements and Tips.

“Place your body here” – a short slideshow we prepared for you with practical wardrobe twists.

Cute maternity tops – Put your body in the image below:

Pregnancy wardrobe tips

Image Transcript:
Rouching on the side gives your belly room to grow / conceal the less favorite areas after your baby is born.

If your legs are gorgeous, show them off in shorts.
Upper arms like madonna’s show them off with a sleeveless shirt.
proud of your new, remarkable cleavage? try a low-cut top.
Neck and shoulders to die for? highlight them with a ballet-cut or borad neckline.

Click here to view cute maternity tops

Maternity dresses for special occasions – Put your body in the image below:


Image Transcript:
Yummy Cleavage!
Split sleeves to wonders and make your arms slimmer looking!
‘A’ Shaped nursing dress, perfect for concealing a post partnum tummy.

Maternity dress is a must have. An empire-waist shape dress will drape in all the right places while a snug fit will hug your belly in all the right places.
It can be worn for the office or provide a backdrop for glamorous accessories – a maternity dress for special occasions.
If you want to conceal heavier arm, try affing feminie ballet wraps or try our split sleeved dress.

Try choosing dresses that are feminine, flowing a highly forgiving.
Select beautiful colors the will brighten your mood.
You want to look and feel presentable when visitors stop by to see the new baby, but also comfertable for the first few weeks postpartum.

Click here to view maternity dresses for special occasions

Maternity nursing tops – Put your body in the image below:


Image Transcript:
Cowl neck line provides a nice cleavage yet appropriate for the office!
Rouching on the sides flatter a pregnant belly and conceals more sensitive areas after giving birth.

Look for adjustable waistband, stretch saterial and flattering cut, such as bootleg.
This would be a good item to splurge on because you will probebly wear these for a bit after the baby is born… just like Peek-a-boo’s basics!

Click here to view maternity nursing tops

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