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Take Time To Smell The Rose

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  • November 7, 2010

Peek-A-Boo Review & Discount Code


Owning comfortable, breathable nursing clothing is important to the new mom.Peek-a-boo offers a variety of nursing clothing including tanks, t-shirts and cute dresses.

About Peek-a-boo!

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The Peek-a-boo maternity and nursing collection enables the mother to breastfeed without exposing herself, keeping mother-baby eye contact while still looking stylish.

Our designs take into consideration the changes in a woman’s body from early pregnancy through nursing.

The side stitches conceal the less-favorable tummy and back areas and our fashionable design allows a woman to continue with her daily activities without anyone suspecting she is wearing a nursing shirt.

A little duck illustration is situated in the inside of the garment and is revealed only while breastfeeding, giving the baby something to look at and provides the mother with a little reminder where she last fed from.

My Peek-a-boo Experience!

I have never owned a piece of nursing clothing until I received the beautiful nursing shirt from Peek-a-boo. When I nursed Ethan I always wore camis underneath a regular shirt. Wearing camis all the time can be inconvenient plus really warm during the summer months. Really who wants to wear two layers of shirts in the August heat? Since baby Cole will be born in April that means I will be nursing a lot through the summer months since he will be under 6 months old and will be exclusively nursing. I am already dreading the thought of wearing double layer shirts!

I was sent the  black long sleeved nursing shirt with hoodie from Peek-a-boo for review. The shirt is a super soft stretchy material and really breathable. The shirt features long sleeves with a long bodice and sheering on both sides for an attractive fit for both maternity and postpartum wear. The hoodie makes the shirt fashionable and really cute. As with all Peek-a-boo clothing, the shirt is creatively designed for nursing. This shirt looks like it is in two pieces when on the hanger, but doesn’t appear that way when it is worn. The bottom half fits snuggly over the stomach while the top piece fits over the breasts and rests right below the band level. When you need to nurse you simply lift the top half up to expose which side you will need to nurse from. The cute Peek-a-boo little duck logo is underneath the top half of the garment so you will remember which side you last nursed from.

I was excited to get a Peek-a-boo shirt that I can wear while I’m pregnant as well as next fall and winter when I will still be nursing. I was a little skeptical of a shirt with sheered sides and what it would look on my body type, but I was pleasantly surprised! I feel very comfortable wearing this stylish nursing shirt and it fit extremely well. This shirt is so soft and breathable. I am hot natured so having a long sleeved shirt that is breathable is extremely important to me. The design of the shirt is terrific. It can’t tell it’s a nursing shirt by looking at it because it doesn’t have the typical styling of one. I really look forward to wearing this shirt next fall when I’m nursing because I know it will be very convenient to nurse in. No bunching up a shirt in front and pulling down my cami over my back. Certainly a wonderful piece of nursing clothing that I am extremely happy to know have.

Peek-a-boo is currently revamping their shopping website, but you can still purchase now. In fact, I have a discount code just for my readers through the end of November. Just in time to purchase a gift for Christmas! Use ‘ROSES10‘ when making your purchase to get 10% off.

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