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{Maternity Feature} Peek-a-boo Review

The only reason why I don’t invest in maternity clothes is because the market is overflowing with a lot of one-time use items. It’s either just for pregnancy or just for nursing. And what are you gonna do with them after you are done being pregnant or nursing? I always look for multi-purpose solutions and looks like I found a perfect match!

Peek-a-boo maternity and nursing collection truly carries items which are all-in-one. Their designs take into consideration the changes in a woman’s body from early pregnancy through nursing. Meaning you can wear one of their clothing items through the whole pregnancy, through nursingand it’s stylish enough to wear afterwards! Thus it’s like you are investing in 3 different tops.

I received a Cap Sleeve Tank in black. I’m always scared when I choose clothes online, because every company has different sizing charts and not everyone provides exact measurements. After carefully measuring myself, I thought size 2 would be a good fit and indeed it was! This shirt came in beautifully wrapped and I just couldn’t wait to try it on. The material is very soft and very stretchy. I had no trouble fitting into it. I was surprised at how long the shirt turned out. On the website photo it seems like it would end just below my belly, but because it’s super stretchy, I have a choice of either leaving it short or stretching it out to cover my whole bum! It doesn’t look like a maternity/nursing shirt, but it perfectly stretches over the belly without any tightness. The part around the breasts lifts up to expose the nursing site for the baby. Since baby isn’t here yet, I don’t need to use that part and can just wear it like a normal shirt. But from previous breastfeeding experience, I think I’m gonna love this feature! Also when you life the shirt up, you expose a little duck picture for the baby to look at, thus the name peek-a-boo.

The Cap Sleeve Tank is a bit pricey, it retails for $64.99. I would only spend this much if I knew that the quality would stand up to the price. After inspecting the shirt, I can honestly say that the quality is great! I’ve also put it through the wash and it came out like new. I use soap nuts to wash black clothes and then put clothes through the gentle drying cycle. Washing instructions said to just hang dry, but I couldn’t not put it through a drying cycle! Pleased to say, still looks like new!

I can’t say that the style of the shirt is exactly my cup of tea, but it’s close enough. For my body type and age, I wish the shoulder straps were thinner like this Classic Top. I feel kind of older when I wear it, lol. But I really love the stretchy sides and the fact that it stretches so far down, almost like a tight dress.

Peek-a-boo carries dresses, maternity swimwear and both short and long sleeve tops as well as tank tops. They offer FREE shipping WORLDWIDE! That’s pretty awesome.

Would you like to shop at Peek-a-boo? They were kind enough to offer my readers a 15% DISCOUNT off your whole order on top of their multi-item purchase discount. Combine that withFREE SHIPPING, you are getting a pretty good deal! Use code MYHOME to take advantage of this deal and enjoy 🙂

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  1. Fiona

    You look really cute in it! (assuming that is you in the upper pic)

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