Metropolitan Mama review

Metropolitan Mama review

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nothing_to_wearLately, I have nothing to wear.

When I’m around the house, I’m okay. I can relax in my yoga pants with oversized tees or “indecent” camisoles.

But when I have to leave the house, I stand in my closet and hem & haw over my choices. Some of my pre-pregnancy jeans and pants fit now, but I have to squeeeeeeze into them (and who wants to be squeezed…?). Usually, I opt for one of the two pairs of jeans that I have that fit comfortably.

My tops fit, but they’re not exactly nursing friendly, so that’s where I usually get “stuck.”

Thank goodness for companies that design clothing that is friendly for nursing mothers…whether they intend to or not.

peek-a-boo logoToday I’m pleased to introduce you to one such company…Peek-a-boo.

The Peek-a-boo nursing collection “enables the mother to breastfeed without exposing herself, keeping mother-baby eye contact while still looking stylish.” The collection currently includes 13 items: 9 tops, 3 dresses, and 1 pair of pants.

The pieces are “simple” and stylish in solid coloring and soft fabrics. The items are refreshingly pattern-free and quite “neutral,” which is a positive trait for new moms who probably don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to their postpartum bodies.

lacy top by peek-a-booI received the lacy top (pictured right) for review and I appreciate the feminine detailing, the dark colors, and the “functionality” (I can nurse my baby…no problem!). That said, I think the top would be better suited for smaller-breasted woman (A-C cup). I am a modest woman and the top is just low-cut enough for me to feel uncomfortable about wearing it around town.

That said, I think peek-a-boo is “on to something.” I like their pieces and their philosophy.

Here’s what I’d like to see them design next:

  • Deep V-neck tops : As in really *deep* V-necks. So deep that I could wear a nursing camisole underneath and just pull the boob out without lifting my shirt. I’m thinking a 3/4 length sleeve would be quite flattering, but short-sleeve or long-sleeve options could be offered as well.
  • Button-up tops : One of the best options for a nursing mama is a button-up top with a camisole underneath. But I’d like to see a nursing company design fashionable button-up shirts with the new mama in mind. That translates into: (a) a little more “room” around the tummy, (b) styles that compliment larger-breasted women, and (c) figure flattering colors/patterns (black, dark jewel tones, vertical stripes, etc.).
  • Zip-up tops : I wonder why I’ve never seen a nursing top with a zipper down the front. It seems like that could be stylish…and easy…don’t you think?
  • Slouchy tops : Sometimes a mama just wants to wear a slouchy tee that can be pulled up easily. I’d like to see “baggy” tops & tees that are WAY more fashionable than just buying a t-shirt one or two sizes too big. Maybe something along the lines of what Anthropologie offers.
  • Nursing Camisoles with higher necklines : I LOVE the idea of nursing camisoles, but somebody’s gotta design one for well-endowed women. The ones that I own are nice, but the amount of skin that is revealed is beyond my comfort zone. Cleavage is a good thing in the bedroom…not so much at the park with my kids.
  • More nursing dresses : I applaud peek-a-boo for offering three dresses. That’s a fantastic start – especially considering that their current collection only has a total of 13 pieces. I’d like to see even more dresses that are nursing-friendly. I will be nursing for awhile and it would be nice to wear a dress from time-to-time…

I’ll eagerly look forward to the day when more companies design clothes with nursing mamas in mind. Until then, I’ll have to be creative with my wardrobe. Either that or I could just wear this t-shirt:

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