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Peek-a-boo Maternity & Nursing Tankini Review {+ coupon code}

Peek-a-boo Maternity & Nursing Tankini Review {+ coupon code}

Multi-stage: this is a critical feature of maternity products for me during this, my last pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Cub, I didn’t really care: I knew my maternity wear would be useful a second time around. For my first pregnancy, I borrowed a suit from my neighbour, but this time around I was on the hunt for a maternity suit that would also be suitable for breastfeeding and for covering my postpartum belly pudge. Little Miss Cub is due any day now, so she’ll be hanging out at the beach, the splash pad and the pool with me and Cub over the summer: a comfortable, cute swim suit that is easy to nurse in is a total must.

A couple months ago I put out the request for suggestions for a maternity swim suit on my Facebook page. I wanted it to be a tankini style (I’m cool with baring my bump, but postpartum, I knew I’d prefer a belly-covering style), convenient for nursing, and I wanted it to come with bottoms that didn’t require a Brazilian. I’m not sure if the folks at Peek-a-boo heard my request, but when they approached me for a review, I had a feeling their tankini design was exactly what I was looking for.

Peek-a-boo Nursing & Maternity Tankini Review

First of all, it’s super comfortable. I actually received my tankini in the mail after spending the day at the water park in a similar tankini swimsuit I had borrowed from my friend, which I had spent the day tugging down because it kept riding up my belly. (A size larger would’ve been too big in the bust.) When I pulled on the Peek-a-boo top, It molded right to my third-trimester belly without being too tight. The drawstring at the bust allows for three different styles, depending on how you attach the straps. You can tie the strings around your neck like a halter or have them criss-cross (or not) at the back and tied to the metal rings. The way they are tied here is known as “I asked my husband to attach my swimsuit and this is the best he could do.”

Peek-a-boo Nursing & Maternity Tankini – Side and back view

The bottoms are a generous boy-cut. Let me put this frankly: in my third trimester, no grooming occurs below the belt, so I need a swimsuit bottom that doesn’t expose *ahem* this lack of grooming. My Peek-a-boo tankini bottoms provide perfect coverage and don’t ride up my bum, but they also don’t look like granny panties! Oh, and no plumber’s crack, either!

Peek-a-boo’s sizing chart was easy to follow, and my suit fits like a glove. I generally wear a small or medium in maternity clothes, so Size 1 Peek-a-boo is perfect for me.

Obviously I haven’t tested the top yet as a breastfeeding top, but the design seems practical, easy and discreet:

nursing in a Peek-a-boo Tankini
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Peek-a-boo is based in Israel but offers shipping charges equivalent to shops based out of the US. They manufacture a full range of stylish and practical nursing and maternity wear. They offer free worldwide shipping with a minimum $70 purchase. They are proud to take care of mothers, the environment and the people they work with:

At Peek-a-boo, we strive to offer the best clothing solutions for a woman’s changing body during pregnancy and while nursing. In addition, we want to assure our clients that the products they purchase are considerate of Mother Earth and her babies. We make sure we give back to the community while we minimize our carbon footprint. We are respectful of our partners and the people who work with us to make the great products we create.

Get to know Peek-a-boo on Pinterest, Facebook and their YouTube channel.

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