Green Scene Mom Spotlight

Green Scene Mom Spotlight

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Noa Vilenski Studio Peek-a-boo Green Scene Mom award winner
Noa Vilenski created Studio Peek-a-boo to offer a total clothing solution from early pregnancy throughout nursing. Studio Peek-a-boo garments emphasize comfort as well as discreet nursing with style. We had a chance to chat with Noa about the inspiration behind her brand.

Green Scene Mom: Congratulations on winning a Green Scene Mom Award! What do you think your customers value most about your brand?

Noa: Beauty, comfort, quality, and making breastfeeding so accessible (we also make it look good!).

GSM: What or who inspired you to start your business?

Noa Vilenski Studio Peek-a-boo Green Scene Mom award winnerNoa: I stumbled upon the world of breastfeeding before I even had children. I noticed the frustration of my nursing friend, exposing her post-partum belly in front of friends and family or revealing her breasts in public when her newborn needed to be fed. I wanted to design a garment that will allow a woman to combine with other items she has in her closet but still have a style that will not scream – “I am breastfeeding and I left my sense of fashion in the delivery room!”. It was very important for me to completely conceal the nursing element in my designs. I wanted a woman to feel and be herself besides being a food source.

After having my own children I became a lot closer to my target audience and understood the needs of a pregnant woman and a nursing mother. It was the best lesson I could have: I was my own control group and had a blast wearing my pieces and examining the changing needs of my own body throughout the different stages.

GSM: Any advice for new mom-entrepreneurs just getting started?

Noa: Listen to your audience and target customers, check out their needs, the market and what is out there, give an added value and ALWAYS offer your client the best experience; both with your product and through customer service!

GSM: How do you balance entrepreneurship and growing your business with motherhood and family life?

Noa: My family is my inspiration and my source of strength. When you are at work, be 100% there but most importantly, when you are with your family, be 100% with them. Not only they are your source of strength and joy, in order to be creative at what you do you need some down time from your everyday work.

GSM: What has been your biggest highlight so far as a business owner or mother?

Noa: My biggest accomplishment is touching the lives of so many women and hearing how our product changed their lives and actually made leaving the house with their newborn an easier task. We receive wonderful comments:

“I wore this top right to the end of my 42 week pregnancy with baby #3 🙂 and am now wearing it breastfeeding. It came back into shape perfectly and is the easiest top to feed in! I love this style, so much easier than other fiddly feeding tops. Very flattering for the postpartum tummy too!” – Rebecca

“Love the fabric, love the length, love the ease of breastfeeding, love the sleeves – love this top! Kicking myself for not having bought a few of these during pregnancy, but am fully intending on getting value out of them over the next few months of breastfeeding. Thanks for the rapid service.” – Haidee

“Another fabulous item from this range. Super comfy, easy to care for and looks stylish. Essentials for all us pregnant ladies.” – Sharyn

“I absolutely love this top (and brand!) for the most discreet feeding option whilst also being fashionable and comfortable!! I am always recommending these tops to friends as I’m always receiving compliments about how lovely I look in these tops!!!!” – Fleur

Having my own business allows me to be there for my kids whenever they need me. Having a full closet of maternity and nursing clothes wasn’t too bad either.

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