At Peek-a-boo, we strive to offer the best clothing solutions for a woman’s changing body during pregnancy and while nursing. In addition, we want to assure our clients that the products they purchase are considerate of Mother Earth and her babies. We make sure we give back to the community while we minimize our carbon footprint. We are respectful of our partners and the people who work with us to make the great products we create.


  • We integrate community accountability into our organization’s activities.
  • We take part in an annual fashion fundraiser where over 400 local fashion designers contribute their designs for sale. All proceeds are donated to a support center for victims of sexual abuse.
  • We contribute working hours and clothes to a battered woman’s shelter.
  • In case a faulty item is sent to a client or a partner of ours, we encourage them to donate it and we send them a replacement.



Our Products

  • Our garments are the only clothes that are 100% compatible with both pregnancy AND nursing,  providing a cost-friendly, versatile wardrobe solution.
  • This is done thanks to our unique design and super-soft, high quality Viscose/Lycra fabric.
  • We design clothing that makes breastfeeding accessible, easy and discreet.
  • Our breastfeeding slit is completely unseen, which enables a woman to continue with her everyday activities without anyone noticing she is wearing a nursing garment.
  • Our designs comply with nursing bras in order to make the access as approachable as possible.
  • We select the highest quality materials, enabling our garments to change with the dramatic changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy and nursing.
  • We design tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, loungewear and swimwear to cover all of our clients’ needs.
  • We are proud of our excellent customer service and no-risk purchase policy!


  • We encourage breastfeeding, the natural way to feed your baby, by designing a product that makes breastfeeding accessible, easy and discreet.
  • We recycle as much as possible in our production process, and we donate our scraps to kindergartens to use for crafts.
  • We minimize waste in our production process.
  • We produce additional items from redundant fabric.
  • We ride our bicycles to work.
  • We produce locally.
  • We do not use paper cups, paper plates or similar products in our office.
  • We cook our own lunches from fresh local produce and support local businesses.

Our Partners

  • We buy a variety of materials from a wide range of suppliers, and we strive to develop long-term relationships with them. We consider them part of the extended Peek-a-boo family.
  • We keep an open communication channel regarding value and competition.
  • We work with small and large local businesses to keep production close to home.