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Sneak Peek to one of our favorites: Striped nursing maxi dresses, great as summery nursing/maternity dresses for special occasions!

THE most dramatic changes in such a short period of time happens to a woman’s body during her pregnancy and post partum recovery – there is no other thing like it really, anywhere.


This sets new challenges to me as a designer for 2-in-1 pieces. We like to look at these phases as a whole: pregnancy AND nursing so our items will be 100% suitable and functional for the whole stretch!


I look at the changes that occur on a pregnant woman and her fashionable needs, I do not look at nine months, but the overall changes: Her body, the new role she undertakes and accordingly, new activities in which she participates. We wanted to give a practical solution from the early stages of pregnancy and deliver a comfortable and stylish line of clothes the fit her body as it changes.

how we designed our nursing maxi dresses

Thanks to our high quality materials and thanks to a hidden breastfeeding opening which provides quick and easy access with minimal exposure – our maternity nursing tops compliment the changes that occur after childbirth and accompanies her as she return her original measurements.


… and then there are her wants and needs (can’t ignore that!). That’s why we just had to have maternity maxi dresses (and we had to make them nursing maxi dresses as well!) I think that if a woman is used to wearing an everyday maxi dress – there is no need to give it up really. I think that nursing maxi dresses are one of the most comfortable solution (+ I feel they also flatter and do wonders – they in most cases they make you look taller!): not to mention there are some woman who suffer from hot flashes…


In the spotlight:

We have something for everybody type but really, we think our maternity maxi dresses are the most versatile (just put on a jacket for cool summer nights), dress them up or down and (most importantly) use them while pregnant and benefit from their nursing slit for discreet nursing.


Take a peek at our NEW striped nursing maxi dress. We know you will fall in love!

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